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Coronavirus Update


Dear Parents,

As always thank you for your support of SNT and especially of our teachers who are working so hard in so many ways.

We have had more reports of at least 2 families who have suffered losses. Yesterday I told you about Nya Mejia in grade 8 who lost her aunt and today I ask you to pray for the grandfather of Salyna Jackson also in grade 8.

I also had a report of a parent who has contracted the virus but the symptoms have been relatively mild and thankfully is on the road to recovery. As this is a health issues I am compelled to keep the report confidential. Since we have been closed for almost 2 weeks now the risk of cross contamination is low.

Please keep all our families, especially those mentioned above and Ms. Giunta, in your thoughts and prayers as work through this as a community.

Robert J. Lowenberg


Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation from the Diocese of Brooklyn
Click here to view the letter from the Department of Education

Sunday offerings are critical to the ongoing vitality and sustainability of our parishes to carry out the Mission of Jesus Christ.  We are always thankful for the continuing generosity of our parishioners, and during this difficult time we ask that you please continue to support your parish to the extent that you are able. To support SNT, we encourage you to remain in prayer in the comfort of your home, and use the safety and security of this site to make your donation electronically.  Click here – Ways To Give

We take pride in our culturally and religiously diverse student body
that recognizes, promotes and nourishes the God-given talents of each individual.

Memos from the Principal & Office

We believe that everything originates at the hands of a loving God.
As a Catholic School and a vital part of the parish community,
we share this belief with clergy, parents, administration, faculty and staff
through our teaching of the doctrines of the Catholic Church.

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