SNT Alumni Contest

Alumni Dedication Contest!

We are holding an exciting contest for our alumni!

You can help build our alumni network and help support St. Nick’s at the same time!
Want to win for your class?  It’s simple!

There are two things you can do:

Raise Your Hand!

Lend a Hand!

Register as an official alumni!

If you can, donate a few dollars to help the school serve!

And that’s it!

Whichever class gets the highest response will receive three exciting prizes:

Gold Prize: Whichever class can raise the most donations to support St. Nick’s (and keep the school operating during the crisis) will take part in a live virtual reunion event where a classroom will be dedicated in their honor.

Silver Prize: Whichever class can raise the second-most donations to support St. Nick’s by 6/13/2021 will have a classroom dedicated in their honor.

Bronze Prize: Whichever class can register the highest percentage of its members on sntschoolny.org by 6/13/2021 will receive a small thank-you gift from the school.

Register now! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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