Our Mission

We believe that everything originates at the hands of a loving God. As a Catholic School and a vital part of the parish community, we share this belief with clergy, parents, administration, faculty and staff through our teaching of the doctrines of the Catholic Church.

We exist for our children and without them we have no purpose. We take pride in our culturally and religiously diverse student body that recognizes, promotes and nourishes the God-given talents of each individual. Focusing on the individual needs of each student, we seek to create a peaceful and mutually respectful learning environment where each child will be motivated and encouraged to develop as a whole person – spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically. Our hope is that with this development there will grow an awareness of each student’s responsibility to self, community, church and the world. This, coupled with basic learning experiences, will promote academic excellence.

The pastor, the Board of Directors and the principal are responsible for the establishment of local school policy. The curriculum is based on the Common Core Learning Standards and the guidelines provided by the Diocese of Brooklyn Office of the Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services. We recognize parents as the primary educators of their children and strive to work with them as partners. We keep our families well informed of the progress of their children based on teacher evaluation and standardized testing.

While maintaining our identity as a Catholic school, we welcome families of other denominations for whom faith is essential.

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