SNT NYC Pre-K For All Program

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If you are a current resident of NYC and your child will turn 4-years old by December 31st, you will be eligible to enroll in the free Pre-K For All program, sponsored by the NYC Department of Education.

In our full-day program, activities are provided to support the development of needed skills and knowledge.  Our daily schedule provides students with opportunities for individual, small, and whole group learning through a balance of student and adult-initiated activities. Some activities included in our daily schedules are: 

Activity Description
Snack and Meal Time Breakfast and snacks are provided.

Lunch is not provided but can be purchased from school.

(Eligible families may apply to receive free or reduced NYC Lunch).

To facilitate learning, meal time is served family-style allowing interaction between staff and children.

 Nap and Rest Time


Students are provided an environment to nap and rest.

Quiet activities are provided for students who do not nap.


Gross Motor Time


Weather permitting, students are provided with time to be outdoors where they are able to move around freely and select gross motor activities such as: running, jumping, climbing, throwing, catching, etc.

In cases of inclement weather, students utilize our indoor gym space for

freedom of movement, where they run, jump, or move in ways that are necessary for students’ appropriate physical learning and development, purposeful play, and self-expression.

 Center Time


Students are provided with the opportunity to self-select a variety of activities, materials, and companions, while we support and facilitate their learning within the centers.


 Meeting/Circle Time


Students are provided with group activities where they can engage in active learning opportunities by participating in conversation and exchanging ideas.

• Meeting/Circle Time include, but is not limited to:

— Time to talk about the day’s activities and choices for Center Time

— Read Alouds

— Music and Movement activities


Content Area Description
Art  • Painting/drawing
• Using three dimensional materials
• Making collages
• Modeling with clay/Play Dough
Music and Movement • Experimenting with instruments
• Dancing
• Exercising to music (e.g. yoga, zumba)
•Acting out the content of songs
Nature, Science &
• Using magnifying glasses to investigate the properties of natural materials
• Sorting natural materials (e.g. rocks, leaves, shells) according to various characteristics
• Completing a weather chart with teacher support
• Planting a garden and caring for it
Math and
• Using puzzles of varying shapes and difficulties for manipulation, reasoning, and problem-solving
• Using open-ended resource sets with items representing a range of shapes, colors, sizes, and weights, for comparing, sorting, weighing, or for use in games or making patterns
• Using small connecting toys for manipulating and building fine-motor skills.
• Using tape measures, rulers, abaci, or other resources, along with items of various sizes to encourage measurement and comparison (e.g. bigger, smaller, more, less, etc.)
Block Play • Building structures related to the current unit
• Students are encourage to build structures that reflect their neighborhood
•Talking with students about the spaces they created
Computer • Students use recommended literacy and/or math games on:
— Computers
— Smartboards
Sand and Water • Digging and pouring
• Conducting sink and float experiments
• Students observe how many teaspoons of sand or water are needed to fill various measuring cups
• Students are encouraged to make patterns in the sand
Literacy Centers • Utilizing the library with books for children to read or read aloud
• Listening to books and music
• Making books from student work
Relaxation and
• Using a cozy corner for a student’s private time
• Lounging on soft toys or furnishings
• Reading on bean bags
• Conducting quiet activities in a comfortable space
Dramatic Play • Pretending with child-size kitchens
• Dressing up with costumes
• Playing with a pretend register and/or store supplies
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