Principal Memo – Parent Update

Good Afternoon,

Another week has ended and we are starting to develop a sense of routine. Here are some health and safety updates:
All bathrooms are being cleaned throughout the day and children are reminded to wash hands and use sanitizer
We have desk shields for each individual student who comes for in person learning. I have ordered more in case those of you on distance learning decide to switch. This will take
about 2 weeks so please be patient
We have moved our Nurse’s Office to the first floor to be nearer to the smaller children and also make pick up easier

Grades K to 3 moved to 4 days this week and it seems to be going well. Next week we will start with the upper grades. Remember you still have the flexibility to come 2 days if you wish. I am also happy to see that you are keeping children home who are sick yet some are still signing on to their remote classes.

You were previously sent some information about diagnostic testing that we will administer in the next two weeks. Teachers are attending training on it tomorrow so more details will follow.

We are close to being able to offer a phone app for temperature and health checks each morning. Training has been set up for next Friday so you will get details shortly thereafter. Please continue to use the paper forms until this is set up. We will also continue to use paper for those who do not want the app.

I am concerned that with public schools opening next week that there will be increased demand for internet services. This may lead to down time or an inability/delay in signing in.
at home. Please do not call the office if you are experiencing problems as there is nothing we can do immediately on our end. The problem may or may not be on our end. Mrs. White and Mrs. Gonzalez cannot go to the teachers nor can the teachers stop what they are doing to answer their phones. If you have a problem during the day, please wait for the teacher to come on-line at 2:15 to catch up on what may be missed.

Thank you for your continued cooperation as you know this is a work in progress and we all need to work together and be flexible. Have a nice weekend.

Robert J. Lowenberg
St. Nicholas of Tolentine Catholic Academy
80-22 Parsons Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11432
Telephone: 718-380-1900
Fax: 718-591-6977


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