Please read the following procedures carefully.

On Line Learning: Whether your child is full time distance learning or as part of the Blended Model be aware that these are considered classes. Do not interrupt the teachers to ask questions or anything else. If you need to communicate with the teacher please send an email or request a phone call on Friday.

Teacher Communication: Please be considerate of teacher’s personal time. You can send emails at any time but do not expect a response outside of school hours and do not call them on their personal phones. Teachers need their down time, too and also have their own families to take care of.

Schedule Moving Forward: We are preparing to offer more in school days toward the end of the month for all grades. First we have to evaluate how well the re-opening is going but I am optimistic that we can move to 4 full days. We will continue to provide details on this on a class by class basis.

Daily Health Screening: We are required by the Department of Health and the Diocese of Brooklyn to conduct daily health screenings. We are looking into having this done electronically but until that is available the paper forms must be submitted each day. Students without the form will not be admitted to class.
Additionally, please do not send a child to school who is exhibiting even mild symptoms. If they get sick during the day they may have to be placed in isolation alone in a room with an adult monitoring from the hall. This is not something we want to do so please be extra cautious in this area.

Contact Information: Be sure that the office has updated, current contact information. If possible provide a number of adults who can come to the school quickly in the case of an emergency. This can be another parent in the class or a relative.

Parent Conferences: Teachers will be setting up Back to School Meeting via Zoom for the week of September 14. After that teachers will be available on Fridays during school hours via Zoom or telephone.

Admittance to the Building: Visitors, including parents, are not permitted in the school building except for emergencies and would have to submit to a temperature check. If you need to drop off anything during the school day you can enter the main lobby stairwell and leave things in a basket or you can use the lock box in front.

Lunch Program: Hot lunch will be available beginning on September 21. As usual orders must be place the week prior. Lunches provided by New York City will be available starting on September 14.

After School: After school care will begin on Monday September 14. Please be sure to make prompt payments when you get your bill. This cannot be done through FACTS. Failure to maintain payments may result in students not being allowed to attend the program. Also be aware that the school nurse is on duty until 3 pm only. Be sure we have quick and current contact information in case of emergency.

Early Drop Off: Early drop off will begin on Monday September 14. Entry is through the cafeteria doors. Students must have their health screening form for admission.

School Buses and Metro Cards: We have still not been given information from New York City on these programs. We will let you know as soon as we receive updated information.

Again thank you for your cooperation as we continue to keep the interest of everyone’s health a priority.

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