Monthly Archives: June 2019

Dear Parents, Our main goal for next year is to have either an individual Chromebook or an IPad for each student in the school. We now have an opportunity to get them for free! DeSales Media, which is the communication arm of the diocese, is offering us a grant for the devices, but we need to have our families take […]
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  2018-2019 Grade Click Link: Entering GRADES Nursery to PRE-Kindergarten Teachers will advise during first class. Entering GRADES NYC DOE PreK For All Teachers will advise during first class. Entering GRADE KINDERGARTEN https://sntschoolny.org/grade-kindergarten/ Entering GRADE 1 https://sntschoolny.org/first-grade/ Entering GRADE 2 https://sntschoolny.org/second-grade/ Entering GRADE 3 https://sntschoolny.org/third-grade/ Entering GRADE 4 https://sntschoolny.org/fourth-grade/ Entering GRADE 5 https://sntschoolny.org/fifth-grade/ Entering GRADE 6 https://sntschoolny.org/sixth-grade/ Entering GRADE 7 […]
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